Greetings Friend! I hope you’re hungry…

… because Cindy and I are very excited to be cooking the books for you in this new blog of ours.

I’m Lisa, the other half of Kneading and Knives.  I’m the baker of the team. I started baking at an early age, thanks to my darling Grandmother (who’s 81 and runs 10Ks with me).

My favourite thing about baking is the precise nature of it…and I think it’s why I love doing it when life is stressful.  I know that if I follow Joy the Baker’s Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, I’m going to get a delicious, nutty, salty, sweet cookie at the end of it, guaranteed.  I wish I could be like Cindy and just cook off the cuff, but I simply can’t….but who knows, maybe in time and with the help of Cindy and this blog, I can learn to cook like her.

My go-to, easy meals are fridge cleaners and the only things I don’t follow a recipe to make.  I sauté up some onion and garlic and whatever other veggies I have on hand and I mix them with either eggs, avocado and sriracha (for what I call Scrambled Mess) or with Trader Joe’s Organic White Cheddar Macaroni Shells and Cheese.  So easy and delicious.

One thing you will never see me eat is oysters….NEVER. EVER.  I. Just. Can’t. I had a horrible experience at the Oyster Festival in Galway, Ireland in 2001 and my stomach still turns at the thought of oysters.

Foods I love to eat…umm…nearly everything else?  Does that count? No?  Well, then I would say breakfast, champagne, truffle fries, nachos and guac, hot coffee on a winter morning and a rib-eye steak, grilled by my dear ol’ dad.

When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m likely training for a half-marathon or three, planning travels or hanging with lovely friends like Cindy.






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