September 2016 | Our final review of The Kitchn Cookbook + Blog

Our cookbook for September 2016 was The Kitchn Cookbook (buy it here) as well as The Kitchn blog. We selected recipes that fell under the “Back to Basics” category.

What Lisa Had to Say:

I honestly cannot say enough good things about my experience with this cookbook and blog. In terms of the book, the recipes are great. They are easy to understand, have specific amounts of ingredients listed and offer up helpful tips. Another great thing about this book is that it covers a lot of basics like how to caramelize onions or how to cut butter into flour for pastry. My only minor complaint is the amount of prime cookbook real estate that goes to setting up a good kitchen. Admittedly, I get why it’s there, but as someone who isn’t going to be doing massive home renos anytime soon, it just seemed like a lost opportunity for more recipes or a larger section of essential cooking skills.

The Kitchn blog, in my opinion is an amazing resource for recipes, tips and even their rather amazing cooking and baking schools that they host from time to time. I find myself constantly referencing The Kitchn blog when I have a cooking/baking question.

I truly believe that the Kitchn Cookbook deserves a place on your cookbook shelf!

What Cindy Had to Say:

While I wasn’t able to test as many recipes as I wanted to due to being away for much of the month on holidays (#firstworldproblems), I was thoroughly impressed with the three basic recipes that I cooked solely from the Recipes section of The Kitchn blog.

I absolutely loved the way the recipes were written and presented on the blog. First, a bit of a conversation, then onto the steps paired with photos, and finally the recipe itself. Easy to follow and with delicious results!

To be frank, I was not challenged in the kitchen with these recipes, but I found that The Kitchn blog is an all-around fantastic resource for easy go-to recipes. I will definitely be adding the recipes I chose to my cooking repertoire, and I’m looking forward to perusing the blog sometime soon for some not-so-basic recipes. Alas, I highly recommend that you bookmark The Kitchn blog!

Recipes We Cooked: Perfected Chocolate Chip Cookies, Easy Homemade Chicken Stock, Best Pulled Pork in the Slow Cooker, How to Make an All-Star Baked Ziti, Skillet Roasted Whole Chicken, Risotto with Chanterelle Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions and Parmesan Cheese, How to Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Final Cookbook Verdict: Recommended


Cindy & Lisa


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