Kneading + Knives Does Christmas: Uszki (Dumplings with Mushroom Filling)

For me, the Christmas season is about customary Polish traditions, namely around food. Christmas Eve – called wigilia – is the “big” celebration, and consists of a meatless dinner.

After all of the guests share opłatek (Christmas wafer) and wish each other the best for the coming new year, we sit down to barszc (borscht) with uszki.


Uszki are dumplings (sometimes we call them “Pope Hats”) that we traditionally fill with mushrooms. Now I’ll admit, I used to HATE these things. But with my newfound mushroom love, I’m looking forward to munching them this Saturday!


To put a spin on the traditional recipe, this year we’ve added caramelized onion and fresh dill to the mushroom mixture.


Use the same dough as my mom’s delicious perogies! Roll out to about 2-3 cm thin on floured surface. Use pizza cutter to cut into squares. Add spoonful of mushroom filling in the centre. Pinch to form a triangle. Dab one of the points with water. Overlap the other point over and pinch together to form a Pope Hat 🙂

Drop dumplings into salted boiling water. They are ready when they float to the top.


Mushroom Filling with Caramelized Onions & Dill

Again, while this is not a technical recipe, here’s a guideline for the filling:

Diced mushrooms
1 yellow onion, diced
Chopped fresh dill, to taste
Salt and pepper, to taste

Caramelize onions in butter, low and slow in a separate pan. Sautée diced mushrooms in butter until soft. Add salt and pepper. Mix in caramelized onions. Remove from heat and add chopped fresh dill.



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