Our January Pick with some fine print

Hey Folks!

We are really, really excited to kick of 2017 by re-incorporating some veggies back into our lives after an indulgent holiday season.

And as you saw on Instagram yesterday, we are going to a great, Canadian source for all things veggie and vegan – Angela Liddon, to help us.  Angela is the author of the Oh She Glows Blog and two cookbooks: Oh She Glows and Oh She Glows Everyday.  I don’t know about you, but I feel healthier just having looked at her stuff.

Now, time for that pesky fine print.  Neither of us is vegan or vegetarian and as a result, we won’t likely be using the vegan substitute ingredients for the recipes. We want to make these recipes more accessible and to not waste money on ingredients we are not likely to use, or keep on hand, on a regular basis.  So if it calls for Earth Balance Butter, it is more likely we will be using real butter…but it calls for something we may already have on hand, like coconut oil, then we will definitely use that sub.  Make sense?

We will include the recipes with the original vegan ingredients and our sub, so you can make the dish however you please.

So, happy 2017 and we thank you for reading and cooking with us!


Cindy and Lisa


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