January 2017: Our Final Review of the Oh She Glows Cookbook + Blog

For the month of January 2017, we cooked through the Oh She Glows Cookbook and blog.

What Lisa Had to Say:

Oh She Glows, overall was a bit of a miss for me…like if I had to give it a letter grade, it would be a “C.”  What I liked about the recipes was probably more of a mental thing – knowing I was making recipes from a vegan cookbook made me feel like I was being healthier, even though I didn’t make the vegan subs like earth balance for butter, for example.  The two dishes I liked best were my first and third recipes (the taters and the soup) because they were so simple and didn’t require me to buy anything random that would go to waste.  Plus, I was able to use the leftover aioli as a base for a “creamy” a vinaigrette for salads at work the next day…and it was INCREDIBLE!

The things I was not a fan of…well, aside from that flatbread (yikes! Oh and Cindy, I still have leftovers in my freezer for you…you know you wanna try it!), I found a lot of the recipes I wanted to make had recipes within recipes for sauces or spice rubs…and some of those sauces and spice rubs were batched out in larger quantities.  This is great  if you like it and use it all the time, but if you are like me, you hesitate and don’t make anything with that rub because who needs to waste so much dried spices.  Also, since I didn’t have access to her second book (only her first and the blog), one particular recipe was a no go because I didn’t have the particular recipe for the spice rub mentioned in the blog post.

Plus, the whole recipe within a recipe thing adds extra time to making dinner and to be honest, I just wasn’t feeling that energetic this past January.

Another thing I found surprising and admittedly a bit annoying for a strict recipe follower like me,  was the amount of extra seasoning I had to add to the recipes, including my two favourites.  Especially since I had mentioned to some friends that the blog would be posting vegan/vegetarian friendly recipes this month and many spoke of the amazing flavours of vegan and vegetarian cooking. Granted, this is not a deal breaker, but it definitely was a disappointment.

Overall, I don’t think I would add this to my library, but I would definitely still conduct quick searches for vegan/vegetarian recipes on the blog if needed for friends with special diets, to see if anything catches my eye.

What Cindy Had to Say:

Okay, yes. Hi. I’m a carnivore. While I was very open to cooking through a vegan cookbook in January, I think my mind played tricks on me. I did use whatever ingredients I had on hand (be they vegan or not), but there always seemed to be a little something holding me back from fully enjoying the recipes. Call me crazy 😛

I found myself deterred from a good handful of recipes because the ingredient lists could be quite long. If I didn’t had the bulk of ingredients (i.e. mostly spices and stuff like that), I found myself turning the page and looking for something more approachable.

Like Lisa, I also found myself adding extra seasoning to the recipes in order to please my tastebuds. Not a hindrance to me, but you are a strict recipe follower like my fellow blogger then I could see getting a bit annoyed!

I did have a few minor issues with some of the recipe instructions, but nothing blatantly stressful… just a bit confusing the way a few things were explained. I will admit that I found a couple of gems: The baked oatmeal and the burrito bowl from the other day. Those will definitely be added to my cooking repertoire!

Overall? Pretty good, but not amazing.

Recipes We Cooked: DIY Burrito Bowl, Blissful Blueberry Banana Muffins, Quick & Easy Chana Masala, Glowing Spiced Lentil Soup, Maple Cinnamon Apple and Bear Baked Oatmeal, Super Power Chia Bread, Cozy Butternut, Sweet Potato and Red Lentil Stew, Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Avocado Garlic Aioli

Final Cookbook Verdict: One thumb up and one thumb down?!



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