Gimme Some Oven Blog: Mojito Pie

Hey there folks! Happy Tuesday!

It’s been so long since I blogged…something about these last few weeks has been exhausting.  I blame immense work craziness, a weekend in Vegas, recovering from a weekend in Vegas and the general craziness that buying and furnishing your first house adds to the mix…but I digress…I’m not here to whine about how tired I am…I’m here to talk about pie.

I’m a long standing fan and maker of key lime pie.  My recipe actually comes from a Disney World cookbook I bought when I was about 15…and it is the only recipe I have ever made from the book (I may have to remedy that).  I actually quasi followed the volumes in that recipe (and I have made those adaptations below) so that it made more pie filling (not much mind you, but a smidge more).  If you do follow my measurements (vs the original), I would recommend you make two pies to avoid wasting nearly a full can of sweetened condensed milk.  Three cans easily gets you two pies and the hint of milk left in that can is great as a sweet treat to your morning coffee…be it iced or hot.

So about the pie…oh lord…it’s delicious…and even my dad..who hates booze, loves my original key lime pie, was surprised by how good this tasted, stating that he “still likes original key lime, but this is very pleasant and fresh tasting…its like key lime with a twist and it’s a good twist.”

I would agree with him in that I do like my original key lime better, but this is a truly fantastic twist.  The fact that I love mojitos probably  helps.  My coworkers, who also got to sample the pie (to celebrate Pi Day), were big fans too. In fact, friends in HR asked if we could have Pi day every month.


My only general complaint is the graham crust.  Long, long time ago, when I first started making key lime pies, I had a foolproof recipe for graham cracker crust that was on the back of the packaging.  Then they changed the recipe to one without sugar in it and since then, I can’t find the right ratios of crust that make for a crisp, sweet and salty graham crust that holds together but doesn’t stick to my pie plate….sadly the hunt continues, though the one included in the recipe is the best I have found to date (which I why I included it).  You can also just buy a pre-made one, but I’m a bit of a purist with my baking as you may not have figured out.

Overall, this pie is definitely a keeper. It’s crazy easy, and easy to double if friends and coworkers are extra hungry for pie.  It doesn’t even require fancy equipment – just a whisk and perhaps a muddler…that qualifies as quasi-fancy.  It’s perfect for warm spring/summer evenings as the mint gives it freshness and the rum makes it feel that much more indulgent.  Go out, get the ingredients and make yourself this cocktail inspired pie as you won’t regret it.


Recipe rating: 4 knives out of 5

Om, nom, nom,



Gimme Some Oven Blog’s Mojito Pie

Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook Time: 25 mins | Total Time: 35 mins


Graham Cracker Crust Ingredients:

  • 1 1/4 cups finely-ground graham cracker crumbs
  • 2 tablespoons. sugar
  • 5 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
  • Pinch of fine grain table salt

Filling Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup lime juice (preferably fresh)
  • 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves, loosely packed
  • 1 3/4 cup sweetened condensed milk (original recipe called for just one can)
  • 4 large egg yolks
  • 2 tablespoons rum (optional)


  • 2 cups whipped cream
  • lime zest
  • mint leaves


To Make The Graham Cracker Crust:

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Stir together graham cracker crumbs, sugar, and butter in a bowl until evenly combined. Press mixture evenly onto bottom and up side of a 9-inch (4-cup) pie plate. Bake crust on the middle oven shelf for 10 minutes, then remove and let cool.

To Make The Filling:

While the crust is baking, make your filling. Combine mint leaves and lime juice in a shaker or glass. Use a muddler (or the end of a large wooden spoon) to muddle the mint into the lime juice. Then strain out the juice and discard the mint leaves.

In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together the condensed milk and egg yolks in a bowl until combined. Add the minty lime juice and rum (if using) and whisk by hand for 1 minute until combined and slightly thickened.

Pour filling into crust and bake on the middle oven shelf for 15 minutes. Transfer pie to a cooling rack, and let sit until it reaches room temperature. Then refrigerate for at least 3 hours, or until chilled and set.

Add toppings just before serving, if desired.


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