Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals: Turkish Flats, Shred Salad, Feta & Herbs

I don’t think I’m slow in the kitchen. Heck, I’d say that I’m pretty good with a knife! However, I found myself rushing around like a maniac trying to finish off this recipe in 15 minutes.


Not bad, but no dice.

I ended up taking some additional, non-timed time just reading through the entire recipe before starting. As with previous Jamie Oliver cookbooks, some of his instructions were a tad vague but nothing that a gal comfortable in the kitchen couldn’t handle. I decided that I would not get any mise en place ready, as to follow the recipe.


Rosemary was a nice touch, but the meat mixture was a tad bland

I should have simply ignored the stopwatch I had timing me, because then I think I would have enjoyed cooking much more. As I mentioned, rush rush rush is what it felt like!


I topped these babies with roasted red pepper hummus & sour cream

Alas, timing isn’t really everything. It’s all about the food! And this recipe was delicious! Since I’m not the biggest fan of the taste of lamb, I used ground pork instead. The meat mixture was good, but I think it could used some heat. Much more heat, actually.

That salad though… so good! I could have just eaten the salad on its own, it was that delicious. Jamie Oliver really know what elevates a salad: Herby goodness.



One thing that threw me off a bit was the photo of the recipe in the cookbook. The photo showed a couple of “flats” as well as a rolled flat… a burrito, if you will. One of the last instructions re: the meat mixture is to spread it on the tortillas and pop into the oven to crisp up. PSA: You can’t roll a crispy tortilla.

So with all this being said, would I make this recipe again? Yes! With a couple of amendments (spicier meat and smaller tortillas), I think this would be a stellar recipe to have in my rotation.

Recipe Rating: 3 Knives out of 5

Bon appétit!

NOTE: I was unable to find a copy of this recipe online, so be sure to grab the cookbook from your local library (or book store!) to take a peek.



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