Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals: Golden Scallops With Sun-Blush Mash & Greens

Scallops. Scallops are why I chose this recipe – need I say more? SCALLOPS ❤

Each main dish in this book is paired with a side. While I loved the shred salad paired with the Turkish Flats I recently made, I decided to ditch the greens side dish from this recipe. Because, yawn: Broccolini (which, hey… I do love!), asparagus, frozen peas, and lemon juice. Can’t say that really tickled my taste buds.



And really, this dish was so rich and delicious (the bacon is killer!) that it did not need the greens side whatsoever. I probably ate a larger portion than was deemed one portion, which likely boosted this dish on the richness scale, too!


A little kick

The amendments I made to the recipe were the addition of Harissa infused olive oil from Frescolio for a little heat, and rosemary in place of sage as I’m not the biggest fan of the latter.


The final product – yum!

I’d definitely make this again, add some garlic and caramelized onion to the mash, eat a smaller portion and maybe even pair it with that delicious shred salad.


Look at this beauty!

Oh, and did I mention I did not officially time this recipe? Far more enjoyable than racing the 15 minute clock! (If you’re wondering, this dish took about 30 minutes from prep to table.)

Recipe Rating: 4.5 Knives out of 5

Bon appétit!

Note: Once again, grab the cookbook from your local library or bookstore to check the recipe out!


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