Kneading + Knives Bucket Lists: Summer 2017

The days in Winnipeg are getting longer, the patios are open and the smell of BBQs is in the air. That can only mean one thing – SUMMER!!!!


We are both BIG Olaf fans!

To celebrate all things warm, and delicious on the first official day of summer, we are creating our own little bucket list of the things we want to do this summer – SO fun!

Cindy’s List:

  1. Create a cocktail using cucumber vodka and rosé: I recently bought a bottle of the former and absolutely love to drink the latter. Mixing them in some way can only be better, right?!
  2. Create a really great Signature Cindy Salad for dinner on those hot summer nights or that I can bring to summer potlucks. Besides greens, I’m thinking melons, berries, some stinky cheese and… something crunchy?
  3. Experiment with homemade popsicles!
  4. Continue to experiment with pizza on the BBQ – especially finding the perfect crust, as the one we used last year was almost as thick as foccacia!
  5. Since I’ll be travelling for 2 weeks in July on a road trip, I definitely want to make some great homemade snacks to bring along. Any suggestions?

Lisa’s List:

  1. Make some deeeeelish ribs on the BBQ.  I tried some mediocre ribs by Jamie Oliver last summer,  but I really, really want to find ones that knock my socks off.
  2. Take a random day off and go to the beach.  I haven’t been to a beach since March 2016…granted, it was in Australia, which was fab…but I def. want a day of sand between my toes and sun on my skin.
  3. Spend time relaxing in my backyard, with a freshly made mojito, made of mint harvested from my mint plant and maybe some blueberries and strawberries harvested from my plants, too…if they bear fruit.
  4. Plan a fun housewarming / birthday party in August….complete with a kick ass menu!
  5. Patio beers with good friends both in my back yard and out and about in Winnipeg.
  6. I have a bonus one – to really give my new convection oven and my kitchen a proper test run, I want to attempt to make a beautiful cake from a recipe I have never tried before…eeek!

What’s on your summer bucket list?


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