1 Year Blogiversary: Food 52 Genius Recipes Raised Waffles

Hi everyone! Apologies for the lack of blog posts. June was a bit of a nutty month with me having to take a bit of time off from cooking – Thanks, finger injury! Still healing, btw. – and a large cluster of family birthdays, mine included.

To celebrate our 1 year blogiversary, Lisa and I have each picked our favourite reviewed recipes for one another to cook through. I was secretly hoping Food 52’s Raised Waffles were on the list – and they were!


While these looked pretty darn good while cooking…

So, I made these waffles at the cottage, during one of these clustery birthday weekends. Were they as delicious as I imagined and as Lisa revised? YES. These waffles have the greatest flavour – not too sweety, somewhat yeasty, soft inside and crunchy on the outside. (These would be so good paired with some bacon, a poached egg and chives!)

Were they easy to make? For me – nope. These actually turned out to be a pain in the booty to make. I am not sure if cooking them at the cottage and the difference in air humidity had anything to do with it, but these waffles were kind of a mess.


…in reality, they were more waffle bit and chunks.

Lisa was surprised I had such issues with these waffles, and I am still pretty puzzled. These are definitely worth another shot for me, but this time I will make them in my home kitchen and see how it goes.


Tons of food styling going on with this pic! (These are not “full” waffles whatsoever, but many bits and pieces put together to look like solid pieces!)

Anyway… bon appétit!


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